I won’t bore you with a long spiel as I have yet to make my mark on the world. I have discovered that my passion for the written word can be turned into my dream job where I would never have to make another coffee (other than for myself and sometimes my partner) again!

Armed with a diploma of professional writing and editing,  I spend most of my time baking, attempting to read, writing a book I’ve been writing for the last two years and attempting to wrangle in my two children while also running my freelance writing and editing business.

I am a self confessed bookaholic, tea-aholic, chocaholic, and incredibly opinionated but not so much that I don’t enjoy learning new things. My idea of the perfect day would  be having two minutes to pee by myself or if I was super lucky, five minutes to sit down and finish a hot tea.

This blog is essentially a brain drain and my findings on the world and society as I seemingly get rapidly older. It’s a freedom of creative passion that allows me to sit and take a breath and lose myself amongst the hidden glory of the written word. I put my heart and soul into anything I write whether it be these (I think) humorous posts about my crazy children or serious work related articles.

Imagination is a wondrous gift and can take you so much further than you ever thought possible.