So as you could probably tell, day two of school holidays didn’t happen. I had totally planned to do a ‘mums log’ everyday but I was too busy with the therapy to even think about writing if I am being honest. I am kidding. Well not about the being busy part – I have been super busy – but about the therapy part. It hasn’t been that bad *twitch twitch*

What was I doing I hear you ask? Well sit back and let me wow you with my amazing parental skills and the incredible mind of my daughter.

We were astronauts on planet Bumflufffartpoo where the aliens were stinky and the planet was made up of rubbish.

We were superheros fighting crime and doing karate that looked a little too much like ballet without the pointy shoes. We were the best ever. We were Suppppppper Moooooo and Little Baby Billy with their sidekick Suppppppppper Mum! We flew all over the world saving everyone from the bad guy who had the powers of water and soap. I don’t know how that came about but who am I to question the minds of my babes?

We searched for exotic animals and tried to take their photos. Did you know that alligators have 56789 teeth and love to eat chicken nuggets? Neither did I but there you have it.  We found baby giraffe, lion, tigers, hippo and cheetah eggs and watched carefully as they hatched … then had to run super-fast cause they decided that we tasted like fairy floss.

We were clowns in the circus and acrobats on a mat. I wasn’t allowed to juggle because I “Was the worst juggler ever seen!” Great imagination … terrible people skills.

We were the greatest dancers to ever live and danced for Kings and Queens and Princesses and Princes. And Moo was so good that the King made her a princess and she was to go and live in a magical land far away in a pretty pink castle covered in flowers and she could eat chocolate and watch Ninjago all day with no annoying little brothers around.

We ventured to the library where Moo got her very own library card and proceeded to tell everyone about it that we meant for the rest of the day. She was so excited she almost cried which made the little old lady behind us tear up and tell us how she was the first woman to get her library card when the library first opened in her town 65 years ago. We lost it after we got home and have yet to find it.

We were ninjas from ninjago and I was always the bad guy. But I had to always be on my knees seeing as bad guys are never taller than the good guys. I assume it’s because they are filled with sheer awesomeness but you will have to ask Moo.

We lived in huts in a forest and had to be very quiet when we left the huts in case the birds attacked. We could only leave at night and if we were covered in mud and sticks so the birds thought we were trees. We decidedly ignored the fact that trees don’t move.

There of course was many picnics and cartoons watched and a lot of outdoor games.

We visited friends and family and took the time to sit back and relax for more than 5 minutes.

I had a lot of fun exploring the vast wildness of Moo’s imagination and am incredible proud to be a parent of someone who enjoys putting it to good use. But boy, I feel like I need a holiday from the school holidays. Why is there no handbook on handling school holidays? And the food consumption! My God it was as if they were worried there was a shortage of food! Insane!

In saying that, it has been 2 days since school went back and my house feels … empty. It’s so quiet I actually contemplated turning on Peppa Pig just for back ground noise. I am so use to her playing or Ninjago (it depends on whose turn it is to pick the show) that not having the high pitched whinging rude voice blasting from the TV just feels weird.  I managed to get everything I needed done but I missed my babies.

I missed the adventures and the games she would come up with. I missed seeing her eyes light up as a grand idea popped into her brilliant mind. I missed having to hoist Boof up and cover his mouth so he wouldn’t give away our hiding spot in hide-and-seek. I missed an excuse to have a small snooze on the couch … ninjago is perfect for a quick 20-minute nap … Peppa is great for a 10 minute nap.

For all that I was pooped over the holidays, suddenly I can’t wait until the next set.

But now, I have a grumpy 5-year-old who is worn out from school and a grumpy 2-year-old who is just grumpy because his sister is.

Maybe I can trick them into playing superheros with me before bed … everyone loves superheros rigt?


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