I had no idea what to post today (the follow up of the massive flop that was the school holidays “mum log” will be up tomorrow) I was kinda just going to go with HAPPY EASTER! But felt that lacked the usual … me. So I am stepping back from the sarcasm and dazzling wit for one post and handing it over to my daughter who also has a dazzling wit. And by that I mean she will dictate what I type because “typing is hard mum and I am too tired” Oh the woe of 5.

I am writing it exactly how she tells me ( I have no choice really) so any repeats or long sentences and words that aren’t where they should be is all her doing – for once. The spelling is all me though.

Without further ado, I hand over my daughter – Moo.

What Easter means to me (moo):

Easter means that the Easter bunny will come and get the Easter eggs and puts them out for a hunt and when you wake up you will find all the eggs. But if you are naughty, you won’t get Easter eggs and I was really lucky that I changed my bad attitude otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten any eggs. That would have made me super mad and upset and I might have cried. Mummy, do you think there were many kids who didn’t have any eggs?

Me: Maybe bub.

Moo: that would be horrible! No eggs! No chocolate! It’s not Easter without chocolate mummy. ( I hear you baby girl)

So what did you do today?

There was a lot Easter eggs when I woke up. I was very excited and wasn’t a single sad or grumpy or anything else and I got a really big surprise cause there was so many Easter eggs. I ran into mummy and daddy’s room to wake them up but they told me that I had to wait and read a book for 5 minutes as it was really really really early. Then we got up and after mummy took a million billion pictures we hunted the eggs. Then we later on we went to mamma and poppy’s for to do another Easter egg hunt but mum said the Easter bunny might not have come to mamma and poppy’s but I was really hoping he would. When we got to mama and poppy’s I saw lots of Easter eggs. There were hundreds and thousands and … no, actually it was more like 57 92 3. I think. Doesn’t matter Mum, there was just a lot. (yes, yes there was)

And there was an Easter egg in a fruit bowl I saw it before Billy did. There was an egg in the Buddha, one near the TV, two near the photos, four eggs in the candles but Daddy had to help me with those cause I am not as tall as he is, one in the vase, some on the table. Then it was finished but I kept checking just in case we missed some but we didn’t. We were really clever and good detectives so of course we found them all. We got Easter eggs and a big Easter bunny from Mama and Poppy! I tried to save mine but it was so good and Boof had already opened his. Then we tried to put the wrapper back on the chocolate Easter egg but I couldn’t so I had to eat it. (Great logic kiddo J)

Then we had French toast with honey on it with yogurt and super yummy berries that were all squishy. It tasted delicious. Mama and Poppy are really good cooks! The best in the whole world! I think they are better than you Mum! (Gee … thanks kid)

Then we went home and Mum made me have a nap. I hate having naps because they are so boring because you can’t do anything like play or sing. You just have to lie there and sleep and it’s so boring!

Then after that Meema came over for dinner. We got presents. We got a wind up Easter bunny which is so cute and new jammies and I got a new dress I don’t know what Boof got, but my dress is so pretty! Then we had dinner – a big feast of roast chicken and pasta and bread and gravy. And now I am getting ready to go to Meema’s house to have a sleep over I am so excited.

Favourite part about Easter:

Ummm … cause I love the Easter bunny giving us chocolate eggs. And being with mama and poppy and Saki and Meema and of course my family, my mum and dad and Boof cause I love my family and they love me. I am so happy its Easter. I don’t like it when it’s not Easter and I wish we had Easter every day!

Happy Easter everybody … Mum can I have some more chocolate now?

And now a special message from little Boof –  Ummm my chocolate and moos chocolate and bunny. *hops on the floor*

No DNA testing required – these kids are mine if their chocolate consumption is any indication.

I love Easter because I adore the look of wonder and awe on my babies faces when they see the foot prints and the eggs the Bunny has left. I know these years won’t last and someday hopefully not soon, the magic will be broken. So make the most of it. Take the fantasy and make it your own. Spread the love, the joy, the awe and the magic and let the warm feelings of innocence and childlike excitement escape.

Because we are never too old for magic.

Happy Easter one and all. Stay safe and loved, and I hope the Easter Bunny was as good to you as he was to us.

Bring on the chocolate coma!!





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