Day 1:

Mothers Log: 10:46 AM

I sit here alone and scared. Not because I am alone, oh no I relish that. It’s the fear that grips me deep in my heart that has my palms sweaty and knees weak. Goosebumps flash over my skin and I hear the thundering of my heart in my chest.

What am I so afraid of? You ask. It’s a horror unlike anything ever seen before. The very thought of it drives people mad!

My children … they are …. Quiet.

Okay so I may have been over exaggerating. The fear was real though. As you might have guessed by the looming “Day 1” above, it is officially school holidays … and no one is okay with it.

Boof doesn’t know what to do with himself considering Moo is home and Moo doesn’t know what to do because she is home and not at school and I don’t know what to do because they are both home and I can’t get anything done!

I now understand why my parents weren’t as excited for school holidays as we were as kids.

So far, we have had eight tantrums (mine not included), four screaming matches (between the kids not me) and multiple “MUMMMMMMMMM!!!!” and it’s still relatively early. I have been asked too many times to count if Moo can see her friends even though it’s only been two days. Food fights have happened twice and even though they both are eating the same thing, it still isn’t good enough and they are demanding that they have the same thing … I am lost on what to do with that one.

God help us all.

I survived sneaking in to see what they were doing … they were playing schools. Talk about your withdrawal symptoms. They are getting along. Moo is being the teacher because “She is the oldest and prettiest and that’s how it goes.” Can’t blame her for aiming high I guess. Boof is just sitting there colouring in, not even paying attention … let’s hope that not a premonition for his actual school career.

Anddddddddddddd we’re back to being at each other’s throats. Fantastic. That was short lived.

Also, fun note, somehow Boof has managed to delete my article for work, my assignment that I have spent weeks and folders I haven’t even touched in a week. How does that even happen?! It’s not in the trash or moved or recent files …. Nothing.

That’s what I get for having to pee and not closing my computer up like Fort Knox.

Here’s to school holidays. Can’t wait to see what Day 2 brings. Stay tuned.


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