We survived.

The first week … well first almost full week. The little ones get Wednesdays off as a “rest day”. They do anything but rest. All I heard all day was “I am bored, can I go back to school?” Ironic as when I take her to school, she begs to come home.

Anyway, I digress. We survived and she loves it. Double win. I am still not quite use to the whole school thing but I do know that I am losing weight from all the walking to and from school. Also, losing my sanity trying to remember everything in the mornings and get the kids ready oh and making sure I don’t look as tired as I feel. I am sure I will get into the routine and it will be a snap. I will, won’t I? Please tell me I will?!

Although I will admit, school hours for kids suck. I remember being at school and wishing time would hurry up and OMG I have been in this stupid school for so long! Let me out! 6 hours is just so long! Even thinking about little miss going off to school for 6 hours was a bit of a shock. I honestly thought it was the longest time ever.

Wrong! 6 hours is nothing when you need to do a shittone of things in 6 hours. Mum, shout out to you. You are amazing for all that you managed to get down while we were at school. Kudos to all mum’s who get shit done.

By the time I walk her to school, and walk my son to day care if it’s his day, then walk back, do the dinner shopping, get home, do the dishes, a load of washing and stare at the ever-growing pile of laundry that needs to be folded that I can’t be bothered doing, stuff food into my mouth and have my millionth cup of coffee, I have to go and pick up the little shits. It’s like the bare minimal of shit I need to get done! How do people get everything done in such a short time that isn’t really that short anyway?!


And 3pm pick up? That’s right around the time I want to curl up and have a mummy nap! Not that you actually get out of there at 3. There’s the line of kids talking about their day. The mums desperately clinging to the other mums in hopes of finally having a decent adult conversation (I am totally one of those mums) and of course, the kids refusing to leave their friends sides even after spending all day with them (but I love them mummy! I don’t want to go home I will miss them!) by the time you leave school it’s pretty much dinner time.

Oh! Speaking of food, does anyone else’s kid comes home and eat everything in sight? If it’s not nailed down to the floor, she’ll eat it. I pack a decent lunch too. Probably over fill her lunch box if I am being honest but still, its fruit and all that healthy stuff. But she comes home and it’s like she has been starved for weeks!

I suppose those arts and crafts preps must take a lot out of them.

The main point is, that she is happy. She is so excited about it and already has some adorable little friends. She is such an intelligent little girl and I know that she will excel at school. She will go far in life and I am just so glad we survived the first week.

I don’t have the heart to tell her it only gets harder from here.


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