Today was my daughters 5th birthday.

My little baby girl is growing up and to be honest … I don’t know how I feel about it all. I remember the day she came into the world … trust me I remember … before then, I didn’t think I could love someone as much as I loved her.

I know all parents blow their children’s horn and I am going to be one of them and I don’t care. She is amazing. Incredible. Hilarious. The sass that comes out of that child makes it very hard to not laugh. Her imagination and stories are incredible and the fun we have is the best. She drives me crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

We didn’t have a party this year much to my upset. I love throwing the kids parties even though it stresses me out. It’s a good feeling to see the excitement in their eyes when they see everything and everyone …  and any excuse to shop for party related things is always a bonus. So instead of throwing her an awesome pink/princess/Disney princess/pig//Halloween/rock and roll/mermaid/ whatever the hell she wanted that week themed party, we took her out for the day and let her pick what she wanted to do.  She chose lunch, movies then shopping. Totally okay with that plan and completely not expected.

The movie she picked was Moana, the new Disney movie. My God I could write a whole post on how amazing and beautiful that movie was but I’ll condense it and say it was just incredible and you should go and see it if you haven’t. Lunch was a Wendy’s hotdog, again totally okay with that pick and then the toy shop. Well, we thought she would be in there forever but BAM! Went in, saw what she wanted and that was it. Took us by surprise but yay! There is nothing worse than spending forever in a toyshop when your child wants everything and throws a mega tanty when they don’t get everything. She even used her birthday money from the great grandparents and thought she was such a big girl (cue crying as she really is growing up)

We then took her to the local arcade type place and there was the look of excitement I had missed out on without the party. She thought it was awesome. We played as many games as our coins would let us and if she bounced any higher in excitement, we would have lost her. She even almost beat Wil in a game and boy did she think she was the bee knees. With all her tickets, she could have picked any cool like temp tattoos, princess tiara, stickers or the abundance of lollies they had on show. Not my child. No way, they weren’t cool enough for Miss I am now 5 and a big girl.

My child picked vampire teeth.

I must admit I was a little shocked and completely proud. No DNA testing required, she is mine.  The best thing about these teeth, in her mind, was that they scared her brother once she brought them out after cake. Poor little man.

So, all in all, a great day. It almost made me realise that it’s okay if she grows up, as much as I hate to admit it. As most parents would admit, they never want their babies to grow up. It’s cruel and heartbreaking watching your babies grow as they get just a little bit closer to not needing you anymore. But today, today was amazing because my daughter is old enough to understand just that little bit more, stay still just long enough to watch a movie she adored and play bigger games that kept her laughing and smiling and cheering for ages. I am sad that she is 5, but I am also proud of the little lady she is growing up to be. At the same time, every time she wishes she was older, my heart shrivels a little. You don’t want to grow up baby girl, it’s nothing but a trap of taxes, work and boring conversations with people you hate. Stay young, stay free and please stay just the way you are.

And the home-made fairy garden cake, I must admit, was bloody amazing and made by yours truly with no help from Pinterest. Take that you overachieving making-life-difficult-for-the-normal-non-talented-mums people.


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