Bed time is my favourite part of the day.

Not only has it been a few hours since the kids have fallen asleep (did you think I was talking about their bedtime?) and the house is finally quiet but there is something so amazing having the ability to just lie down and know you won’t get jumped on or that you don’t have to do anything for the next 8 hours. It is my favourite because it means having pillow talk with my fiancé.

I don’t mean pillow talk as a code for anything fun (come on guys we have 2 kids) I mean pillow talk as the random conversations you have with your significant other that are deeper, longer and weirder than your usual conversations. Wil and I have solved many problems this way. We have also planned things, cancelled things and agreed to disagreed on others. I annoy the crap out of him when it comes ot bed time. Cold feet on every part of his body I can reach, tickles in annoying places, breathing down the back of his neck (which he can’t stand) anything and everything that annoys him I will as soon as we hit the pillow. Drives him crazy. But the one thing we do that I love the most is…

We never to go to sleep angry.

It’s an unwritten rule in our relationship. Always has been and probably always will be. I have only ever broken that twice and it was warranted but very uncomfortable. Bedtime is sacred as strange as that sounds and again I am not talking about the kids although that is a glorious time of day. Do you get what I mean though?

It’s been a long day. Kids are crazy, he is working and you are stressed…it all melts away the second you slid in bed together. You turn to face each other and sigh with sleepy smile on your lips. And then you begin to talk. All the things you forgot to say or didn’t know how to say before come out. You spill your darkest secrets and deepest thoughts when you are surrounded by night, blankets and the one you love. It’s therapeutic…freeing… the way it all slips away and you end the conversation or vent with a tight cuddle.  The only thing that could and does ruin the mood is a methane hug …even then it results in a fit of giggles.

It’s not really like how Hollywood portrays it, at least not for us. We both look like shit (sorry babe) half eyed and sleepy as hell. The only thing they got right is the sleepy smile that stays on your lips because its bed time and you’re okay. We spoon or cuddle for only a little while…I feel claustrophobic and we sleep on opposite sides of the bed. He faces the door and I face the wall. But we feel lighter and freer and that’s all that matters. That and the cheeky butt tap as we say goodnight.

It’s warm and cosy, safe and relaxing, familiar and loving all wrapped up in a doona and hidden away from the world.

It’s my happy place. …for about 45 minutes until the kids wake up.


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