What the hell happened to music?

I am sitting outside, enjoying the sunshine and the neighbours are playing some god-awful rap crap that is all about sucking down hoes. Really? What does that even mean? Are hoes another code word for jelly shots?

Let me be clear, I am not judging my neighbours (much) about the music I am judging the music itself. Don’t get me wrong, each to their own and all that jazz. I mean, my iPod is filled with random pieces of music that Wil loves teasing me about (not that he can talk). I have everything from Elton John to Disturbed and everything in between. Billie Holiday, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Bring Me the Horizon, Linkin Park (oh yeah I still have them), Drop Kick Murphys… I even have Nickelback…not that I should admit that publicly but ah well I rather like a couple of the songs. I have Bob Marley and OutKast and Gwen Stephani and even Bob Segar. I also have Tracy Chapman, Van Morrison and pretty much at least 1 song from every decent 80’s rock band.

I went through ITunes this morning as I never get a chance to listen to much radio, to see what’s new and if there was anything I could add to my vast collection of randomness. Nothing. Not a single song on there that I liked. And I agree, that is just my opinion but it got me wondering…what happened to music?

We have had eras of jazz and classical and rap and reggae and rock and grunge and music that just sweeps you up and takes you on a journey through all the senses. There hasn’t been a past era that hasn’t influenced music of the next generation. Now we are at an age where every bloody song sounds the same. It’s all about sex and not even subtly. You look back through the last 50 years and sure, sex, drugs and rock and roll are there too but it’s subtle. It’s not having the singer blatantly say “I wanna fuck a hoe. Imma fuck this hoe then fuck her friend.” Cool bro you do what you need to do. Hey, by all means blast it, rock out each to their own but do you really want your kids listening to music all day every day that tells them to ‘fuck a bitch cause all bitches are hoes and if they aint down to fuck then shoot em’? That is a great message.

My childhood was filled with Tracy Chapman and Simple Minds. I remember taking a CD of Hootie and the Blowfish to school when I was in year 3 and my classmates looking at me like I was strange but still had fun listening and dancing to it. My teacher looked like Christmas came early…probably because it meant she could listen to something other than educational music. My dad even tricked me for a good 8 years by telling me he was in the band Australian Crawl. I believed him right up until I was old enough to google the band members and I grew up in the 90’s. My mum and I would go for drives to places I don’t remember and we’d blast Tracy Chapman and No Doubt and Alannis Morrison and I thought it was amazing. Talking Heads or Joe Crocker was Dad’s weapon of choice and there is nothing quite like seeing a grown man rock out so hard he almost pulls out his back.

My first boyfriend (who had a car) and I would go camping and the soundtrack to those drives was Aerosmith and Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I’d visit my friends back home in Noosa and it would be anything from Elton John to Disturbed.

Even now, the car is filled with ACDC, Aerosmith, KISS and the like. My 4 year old daughter’s favourite song (luckily) isn’t Let It Go, it’s ‘I Wanna Rock and Roll All Night’ by KISS. She learnt to head bang to rock before she could walk. I think my job here is done. You are welcome little miss.

Old school music is like coming home after a really crap day. The warmth and soulfulness of it all it everything better. I went through stages of grunge and punk and heavy metal (that made my parents worry) but every time I hear Simple Minds or Talking Heads I am transported back to days of dancing around the lounge room or laughing my ass off as my mum and dad danced in the kitchen showing off their fantastic 80’s moves and singing into whatever they had in hand. I still can’t hear Talking Heads without seeing my dad ‘jiving’ and pelvic thrusting. I can’t listen to Joe Crocker’s drawl without seeing dad wiggling his eyebrows at mum and giving her a cheeky pat on the ass.

My point is, what happened? It’s all club music, house music or fucking bitches. It feels like the soul of music is gone. These kids are going to hear a song when they are older and get transported back to a time where people are Dabbing, Hotline Bling, Stanky Leg and Whip/ Nae Nae. What a great legacy we are leaving behind instead of having a wooden spoon as a microphone and sliding through the kitchen before ending in a pelvic thrust.

Old school fashions are coming back, why can’t old school music?


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