What the hell is wrong with the world?

I was sitting in the radiology place the other day, waiting and waiting, and they have the news on. What the actual hell world? I try my hardest to keep up with what is going on but most days I miss the news as it happens due to Peppa Pig or some other shit kids show being on, but I always attempt to catch up later. But clearly, I have missed too much.

The only good piece of news for the half an hour I watched it was that the Queen was well enough to go to church after being sick and 3 Aussie actors were nominated for Golden Globes. That was it. Everything else that was showed was horrible and made my faith in humanity diminish. Let me give you a list of the things I show in half an hour.

Bushfires in WA that took out 120 hectares and possibly lit on purpose.
People on 3 separate stories were arrested for stealing cars.
4 Israeli soldiers were dead after a terror attack.
A woman drove over her partner in a domestic ‘altercation’
Winter in Europe is incredibly harsh and there have been multiple injuries and accidents leading to people going to hospital already
A 76 year old man murdered his elderly wife in a domestic attack
A man was found with horrific head injuries behind a boarding house and is now fighting for his life
The statistics of university graduates and how many can’t find a job in the industry they worked their ass off to study in.

Is there nothing happy about the world? Is nothing worth sharing with everyone to at least break up the horrors in the world? Come on people! Give us something to hope for!

It’s scary to think that this is the world now. A world full of domestic deaths, terror attacks, natural disasters and people just generally wanting to watch the world burn. We have people in power who decide to turn a blind eye and do nothing to help. What kind of example are we setting for our children when all they see is people turning away from the problems and all they hear is the devastating news around the world? What kind of world is it when we lack good news and continuingly spread the bad? Don’t get me wrong, I know that the world is a terrible place more often than not and I am not suggesting in anyway shape or form that we should ignore the terrible in the world but surely we can make an effort to find the good and show it? I mean the real good in the world, not that the Queen is well enough to visit church…that they showed 4 times.

There are videos on social media showing feel good stories of people rescuing dogs stuck in water ways or people rescuing injured animal as well as people genuinely being kind to one another and its often titled “this will restore your faith in humanity.” Have we really fallen so hard that we need constant reminders that there are people out there who don’t hate the world? Why can’t the news show those videos or at least things like that?  I understand that its news and you have to inform the people but can’t we throw in good news to?
What ever happened to the sugar and the stick? Sweeten them up with the sugar then hit them with the stick?!

It makes me worried for my children and what the future will hold. Will we as a race keep destroying or will we finally pull our heads out of the sand and decide to take back humanity and treat the world right?

God I hope so.


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