‘Casey resting’, as previously mentioned, has officially hit. That’s a lie. It hit about 4 days ago.

I got up and did the washing, dishes and bit of vacuuming. I even folded washing which is a huge deal for me as even when I am 100%, I still don’t fold the washing. I also sat down and wrote a few pages of my book and didn’t want to throw it across the room. I have also been doing shopping and walking everywhere for the last few days much to Wil’s annoyance. I even lifted my almost 2 year old.

I can’t help it. I get bored. I was bored. I am bored. I also feel guilty for Wil having to deal with everything. Especially when both kids are in holiday mode which means craziness all around!

I went to the doc and was told that it is very odd that the hospital diagnosed me with pneumonia when the x-ray I had on Thursday was clear…I asked if pneumonia could be fixed in a week and was told with an eye roll and a scoff “no”. So thus I had to endure the condescending doctor tone. You all know what I am talking about. Every doctor seems to have it. I was told that it was confusing and to just keep up the pain meds, rest and stay on the antibiotics and maybe we should look into getting my bloods checked. Not very helpful. Do I have pneumonia and the x-ray didn’t pick it up because they weren’t looking or is my body just crappy and randomly decided to hurt? Guess we will never know because NO ONE THINKS TO HAVE A CLOSER LOOK!

Anyway, I have been basically using it as an excuse to Wil to do whatever I normally do. I don’t have pneumonia so I don’t need to rest. I am fine. I feel great. Just let me do all this stuff and it will be fine (which he does because he is smart and knows better than to argue with me) Babe, doc says I don’t have pneumonia it’s fine!

I am an idiot.

I should have listened to the Doctor and to Wil and just kept resting. Not Casey resting…real resting. I am so sore and so worn out from doing practically nothing it’s embarrassing. Even sitting here typing this up is hurting. I slept in until 11 am yesterday and today and it feels like I haven’t slept in a week.

This sucks. I hate this. I have this stupid tiny cough that sounds completely fake because my body is so sore that when I go to cough it clamps up on itself and won’t actually let me cough and when I do actually cough it hurts so bad that I try and stop. I can’t win. I also can’t lie in certain positions and when I do lie down I am stuck there as it hurts to move.

Why can’t they just do something? Why do I have to be sick and sore in the one part of my body that I use for everything including breathing? Stupid body. Stupid sickness. Stupid having to rest.

I am going to go and grumble at Wil now because I am sore and sick. If you need me, I will be curled up on the couch with Wil stroking my hair and telling me I am pretty.


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