My mum and I use to fight all the time. I was the typical ‘I have it so hard’ teenager and didn’t want to hear a word of anything she said. She was the mother just trying to do her best to reach her unruly teenager. I use to think she was the enemy…I was so wrong. My mum was really the only friend I had.

I wrote stories as a kid, as most kids do and I would always go and show mum whenever I had finished a page or ‘chapter’. “I don’t want to read it until it’s done. Finish it for me and I’ll read it.” She’d say and it use to hurt. Being as young as I was (and stupid) I always thought she just wasn’t interested in my writing. She’d still encourage me and always made sure I knew that she was excited for me, but I felt like it was something I just couldn’t speak to her about.

Fast forward 15 plus years and I find out that good ol’ mumsy would sneak into my room when I was at school and read every bit of writing I did! She never told me back then but she was very vocally about how mad she was I never finished any of my childhood writings.

It made me realise that I was completely wrong. About a lot of things. Mum was never the enemy and I shouldn’t have ever felt hurt. She was on on my side and pushed me to follow my dreams. I will be forever grateful.

No matter what shit I brought home whether it be my fault or not, mum was the only person who would sit me down and get me to talk and in talking, I was able to calm down and see things the sensible way. I could rant and rave and carry on and she would sit there with her eyebrow raised, arms crossed and simply ask “are you done?” and that was it. Then she would offer me advice that I never listened to at time. Now? Mum’s advice is gospel.

I am 25 years old. I have two kids of my own and a loving fiancé. I have my own house, my own rules, my own life but one thing that hasn’t changed (and never will) is that I will always need my mum.

So mum, let me attempted to make up for all the crap I put you and Dad through by telling you just how incredible I think you are.

You taught me to stand tall no matter what I am up against and if I can’t stand tall, than you will hold me up. You taught me the power of sass and how clever words can be. You taught me to be strong by showing me how strong you are. You taught me to be brave but told me it’s okay to be scared. You showed me how to be kind by being kind to all. You taught me to be proud of myself by being proud of me. I am weird because you are weird and that’s okay because you taught me I am perfect exactly how I am.

You showed me animals in my sprinkles, taught me magic is real and took me to worlds I couldn’t see. You showed me just how powerful I could be when I put my mind to it. You encouraged craziness and dancing in the lounge. And even though I hated your logic when I was a kid, you are all I hear when I talk to my kids.

You have shaped me in ways I had no idea about. You were subtle in some teachings and loud in others but you always made me feel like I was the best person in the world.

You have given me so much over the years including independence, guidance, strength, courage and wisdom to do what’s right. You’re always there to listen or to help and I am so grateful for everything you do and who you are. I am sorry I never believed you were right when I was younger but you were right. About everything! I should have listened more. I couldn’t have asked for a better mum, guide, advisor and best friend.

There’s no words left to describe my mum and how lucky I am to have her as mine so with that, I will sign off with a Happy Birthday Mum and I love you very much.


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