Wil and I had a date day today. Nothing massive but still so needed and much appreciated. We dropped the kids off and then we went shopping. Now, normally I can’t stand shopping with Wil. We are totally different type of shoppers. I am a wanderer who likes to hunt out bargains and look at everything even if I don’t need it. Wil on the other hand is a typical male shopper. In, out and done. Although he does spend time casually staring and attempting to convince me we need a waffle bowl maker. Urgh. Where’s the fun?

You never know what you’ll find hidden amongst the shelves and deals. And you will never find them if you skim shop. Today was different however. We lingered. Yep, we actually walked the aisles together umming and ahhing and not getting cranky. He even let me wander off on my own to look at shoes and dresses! It was a special moment for us. Shame we weren’t near a bookshop though…that would have been the ultimate test. I’ll keep it in mind for next time.

We even went for lunch and didn’t have to worry about food being thrown left, right and centre or drinks being spilt, the typical things that comes with dining out with kids. It was a nice change. And to top it all off, I got to eat everything off my plate without little fingers deeming that mummy’s food is better…when they have the exact same thing. We even managed to have a conversation that wasn’t interrupted or censored by little people. And the silence while eating…oh that really was golden.

 It’s hard with the kids to find time to date. Our dating (until today) was me occasionally cooking his favourite foods…or something other than pasta, cleaning out the car for him and him letting me pick the TV show we’d watch. But today, it just reminded me that little bit more on why I love him. We came home and sat on the couch, not even the same couch. He turned on his XBOX and I picked up my book to read and it was the perfect way to end our date as odd as that sounds. But it was nice and relaxing and just…tied it all together.

We try and go out at least once a month to the movies or dinner and the movies if we are lucky. Don’t get me wrong, we spend a lot of time together normally but there’s something sweeter in going out and just being together. We use to curl up and watch a movie or go out for coffee/lunch in the beginning stages of our relationship. Then we use to spend the weekend together…when we weren’t working (we were both in hospitality). Then we moved in together and for a while there, we just…forgot to date. We figured that since we lived together, we didn’t need to date. We were wrong. We started nit picking and arguing over stupid crap. We’d be frustrated and upset over nothing and then we’d go and see a movie and it was like the stupid crap just disappeared. All we needed was a little ‘date’ time. It’s like the morning cup of coffee that calms you down and makes you believe that it will all be okay and everything is fine.

He is the coffee to my Monday mornings.

Here me now for the sake of your relationship. Don’t forget to date each other. It doesn’t even need to be anything overly special. A movie or dinner, lunch or even a little drive somewhere. Go for a walk along the beach (cliché I know) or go to a new town and just take the time to wander. Don’t rush it…just go with it. It doesn’t matter where or what you do, it matters that you are together…in a different environment than your house. Spending time together is important…even if he doesn’t shop the way you like to shop. Just be together and enjoy the simple things. It will make all the petty crap disappear….until the next time they do something stupid.

This blog post was brought to you today by a mushy Casey who loves her fiancé very much.



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