Rant warning:

We’ve endured a lot these last few holiday’s. Easter came earlier and confused the hell out of everyone.  Christmas decorations coming into stores before Halloween. Halloween decorations lasting a good couple of months. And then BAM! Christmas was suddenly upon us. Each year, the holidays seem to be released earlier and earlier. We even had a big long laugh at the fact that some bakeries were baking hot cross buns on Boxing Day. Hilarious.

What’s not hilarious is the reason for this rant.

It’s day 4 of 2017. A brand-new year. It’s been 10 days since Christmas. It’s 30 days until school starts (not that I am counting). Things have slowly started to calm down after the mad rush that is the holiday season and people everywhere are sighing that normalcy is around the corner. Wil and I go (yes, he is back, sunburnt but all smiles) and grab the kids from day-care and swing by the shops to grab something quick and cool for dinner because screw cooking in this heat. I run in, grab what I need to grab and low and behold, smack bang in the middle of what use to be the Christmas section is… FREAKING EASTER EGGS!

Yes, you read that right folks, FREAKING EASTER EGGS! Once more for those in the back FREAKING. GODDAMN. CHOCOLATE. EASTER. EGGS!!

What the actually hell? It is literally 10 days after Christmas! 10 DAYS! There are people still trying to get up out of the arm chair after stuffing themselves full of the fantastic home cooked Christmas dinners and there’s Easter eggs available. Shops still have Christmas trees…the goddamn Santa photo set up is still into the middle of the shopping centre!

Okay let’s do the math. Easter this year is on the 16th of April. It’s the 4th of January…there is 101 days until Easter!! Why the hell are you putting out eggs?! What do you get out of it other than eye rolls from tired parents and annoyed people!

Does it spin anyone else out? I am so angry because now my local shopping centre is now a no-go-with-the-kids zone! Once their little beady eyes see it, it will be on! Months of “is the Easter Bunny coming tonight?” “is it Easter yet?” “Can we eat our weight in chocolate mummy and if you say no I will embarrass you in front of everyone at the shop by throwing the mother of all tantrums because I didn’t get what I wanted?” Yep, definitely a ‘don’t go anywhere near’ zone.

Why would they do that? Why bring it out months before the actual event?! Is it just some sick way of prolonging something fun? A new sick twisted way to torture parents? We have just gotten over Christmas and calmed the feral kids down and now you throw this at us? Yeah sweet dude. No worries. Arseholes.

I know this isn’t like the other posts but I am so sick of it! LET US HAVE A BREAK BETWEEN HOLIDAYS FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS SWEET!

Casey x


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