It is 6:58pm and I have been awake for a whole hour. If that. Worst thing about it though is that I don’t even feel like I have slept.

For those who may think what business do I have sleeping the whole day on a Monday when I kids to look after, I have pneumonia. Not the serious kind (because apparently, there is more than one kind) just the “stay in bed and rest, take antibiotics and pain relief and you will be okay” kind. I am okay…I think. No, I am okay. I will be okay. I am a woman and a Luxford. We are notoriously stubborn when it comes to being sick.

The whole rest thing is starting to get to me though. That’s a lie; it started getting to me the day I was told to rest.  I am not a resting person. Who is? I have things to do and places to go and money to spend.  It drives my poor hubby-to-be crazy. Every time I am sick and get put on bed rest, I find my way around it. Little bit of washing here, little bit of vacuuming here and then it’s all back to normal within a few days because no one can be bothered arguing with me anymore. Hubby-to-be calls it ‘Casey resting’.

Is anyone else like that? I can’t help it. I know I should rest when told to but it’s boring! I always feel so bad that hubby-to-be is left to deal with everything especially when he is already working his tooshie off. Is it a mum thing? Like mummy guilt that when you are sick and need time off you choose to push through it or ignore doctors’ orders out of a sense of guilt and duty? I think that’s my problem…one of them at least.

But at the moment, all I find myself doing is sleeping. I did the laundry and dishes yesterday and felt as if I finished a marathon. Today, due to actually doing things yesterday, seems like everything is worse. The coughing is harsher, the pain is greater and I am just exhausted. This is a whole other sickness that I am not used to.

I have grossly underestimated pneumonia and how much it takes it out of you. I am also currently re-evaluating the ‘Casey resting’ I have a funny feeling that it won’t work here and I will actually have to *gulp* rest and not do anything.  I don’t know how I feel about it. Can I actually do it? Will it be okay if I did? I don’t know if I like this. Mind you, I really don’t like feeling like this so…

I would like to say a special thank you to hubby-to-be (we’re recently engaged, can you tell?) while I have a chance. You have been nothing but amazing while I have made you my slave, getting me water and pain killers. You have battled the kids while I have sat in bed and had a giggle. You have taken it all in your stride and I am so incredibly grateful. Love you.

I am sorry that this post is more boring than yesterdays but I am queasy and tired and I just don’t care.

Having pneumonia is the pits. It’s totally crap and I would not wish it upon my worst enemy. Boo pneumonia!


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