LOL jokes.

I didn’t have a clue how to start this thing. Do I introduce myself like some awkward new student? Or do I just dive right in and hope for the best? Ah! Three minutes in and I am already regretting this. Let’s go for diving straight in because why the hell not? Strap in cause here we go.

The New Year is barely a few hours old and already my Facebook is filled with “New Year New Me” “OMG watch out 2017 New Me is coming!” along with the tradition pictures of boobies out or in bed (with perfect makeup and hair…come on girl, no one is buying it) and the pout.

Really? Like I mean really people? Every freaking year it’s the same old shit. Big changes that last until January 2nd and BAM! It’s back to normal. Are you that shitty of a person that you have to change? What is it about you that suck so badly? And why for the love of God does it take until the 1st of a brand new year for you to fix yourself?!

You are aware that just because the calendar ticks over doesn’t mean that every shitty thing you may have done is somehow magically gone? Don’t get me wrong. I think it’s great that people have goals and aspirations to be better but why not do it in August or March? No one really believes that its going to be a new you…purely based on the fact that it’s been the same you for the last 5 New Years! Why is no one happy with themselves anymore? We are a society that is contently revolving around the newest selfie trends, #selflove taglines and SnapChat filters yet it just all seems to be a lie cause come New Year, everybody is going through a deep change.

I use to be a “New Year New Me!” smiley face selfie peace sign girl. Then a few years ago I came to the conclusion of why the hell should I bother? I am not going to change. I like me. I like being loud and annoying and eating what I want and not going to the gym. Swearing while still sounding highly intelligent is something I do well! I just don’t care anymore. So you’re all stuck with plain old me. Ha Ha.

Message of this post: Love yourself. Truly as in no hashtags needed. You are you for a reason and that reason is so you can shine bright and stand out. Who cares about the fads or trends or hashtags? Who can keep up? You be you and be happy and stop posting bullshit status that everybody knows is not going to happen.

Okay, okay I am done. Phew what a way to start a blog! Kind of fun really.

Anyway, I’m signing off and going to kick butt in COD (and by butt I mean my own cause I suck and I always end up blowing myself up.)

Casey x

P.S – I feel like I should have had a warning somewhere but I figured the “About” kind of covered it? Thoughts?




2 thoughts on “New Year, New Me…

  1. I agree. Nothing else to add, just I agree. People can change anytime. You don’t need a new year to do it.

    Also I feel that as a society we are very self critical and such, deem ourselves as not good enough. Which begs the question, what is?

    Especially when you look at afew celebs who are looked up to and they are said to be perfect image wise, but you hear the dribble out of their mouth and you begin to question their intelligence.

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